The best training and development program for any organization will be uniquely tailored and delivered to meet the needs of that organization and its employees. MidSouth University is dedicated to developing and delivering training, education, development and improvement programs that positively effect our people, the purpose of our organization and our profit. 

MidSouth University is not a cookie cutter organizational development business unit - we do more than pay the concept lip service. Our programs ensure each employee’s training efforts support the fulfillment of goals and objectives that support and contribute directly to the organization’s strategic initiatives.

MidSouth University believes and embraces that employees learn differently, and different topics and types of skill development require different approaches. Our programs take all of these things – and more – into consideration. All learning resources, whether classroom or online, are managed and/or delivered on a learning platform with people, purpose and profit at the core. 

The curriculum designed and utilized by MidSouth University is linked directly to our specific business needs and objectives. For example, when our organization has a strategic objective of increased sales, the training program does not simply include “sales training.” The actual curriculum delivered may include foundational sales skills, but content will also be targeted to meet the needs across the enterprise. Further, the curriculum is linked to MidSouth Bank's unique needs. 

MidSouth University takes PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In Developing Excellence) in all our efforts and strives for continuous improvement to positively impact our people, fulfill our purpose and increase our profit. 
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